Track the location of your off-site employees.

Increase employee efficiency by knowing their exact location and his/her check-ins and outs in real-time. Using the GPS mobile function, your employees can report their current location. You can view this using both web and mobile access.


  1. Boost employee efficiency
  2. Improve the productivity of your business
  3. Employee time management

Having attendance policies in your company helps boosting effectiveness and professionalism of your employees. It promotes flexibility and fairness and among employees. As part of the human resource management, you can set pay codes, overtime rules, holidays, and shift schedules and cycles for your employees. You can monitor employee timecards on the daily activity dashboard and mobile application.

Pay code

Know an employee productivity by defining pay codes on the BioTimeCloud. Calculate each salary through the work hours rendered.

Overtime Rules

Set daily, weekend, or holiday overtime rules and convert it to regular work hours or overtime.

Shift Schedule and Cycle

Does your company have different employee schedules? Set different shift schedules and rotations on the BioTimeCloud.


Record all the holiday dates and set the right pay code.

In need of appyling a sick leave?

Give your employees the privilege to apply for leave effortlessly. BioTimeCloud lets your employees submit their leave, manual log, or overtime application just by using their mobile phones. All the requests will appear on both HR or Supervisor’s dashboard and mobile application which he/she can directly approve or reject anytime and anywhere. And with the leave balance management, HR can view remaining leave of an employee.

Generate your employees attendance reports directly without a need of waiting. With BioTimeCloud, you can generate reports in real-time and export in ready-to-print PDF or Excel format.

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