Workplace Selection

Many companies and businesses nowadays require employee attendance from different workplaces and field locations.

With BioTimeCloud App, the HR can assign each employee their workplaces which they can choose from the mobile application and check in/out.

The HR can also limit the check in area range to make sure the employee is at the right workplace.

Geofencing Mobile Punches

Unsure if your employee is checking-in the right workplace?

BioTimeCloud App ensures your employee is inside the check-in range. Geofencing function lets you define the allowed check-in range of a certain workplace.

Real-Time Location Tracking

Aiming to track your off-site employees, BioTimeCloud’s real-time location tracking function is the best solution.

Field employees can report their exact and current location with the use of GPS mobile function.

Attendance Summary and Timesheet

View your team’s detailed attendance summary everyday in a user-friendly dashboard.

You can also access the timesheet of each employee in your selected date.

*Note: An employee can only access his/her own timesheet.

Attendance Approvals & Requests


Your employee can apply manual log, leave, and overtime requests through the mobile application which will go to approval process.


The administrator or HR has the privilege to approve or reject a request created by his/her employees.